Monday, October 5, 2009

They Call Me FP

During most of the summer I worked in an adolescent girls group. After a shift or two I started wearing a very fashionable fanny pack. I had found that none of my pants had sufficient enough pockets to carry everything I needed on my person, so I thought this was a good solution. My friend and Co-worker, Jessica, started calling me "FP" in honor of the new fanny pack. Little did I know, this name would stick throughout the next few months as I continued to work in the girls group. All of the clients were calling me FP and the staff too. After a while I got moved to a different group and since then there has been no more nick names. It does, however, still amuse most staff teams that I wear a fanny pack and it is commonly asked, "What is really in Katelyn's fanny pack." I'm sure as I continue to work here I will acquire many more nick names.

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Marilyn said...

Is it coming on the cruise?