Wednesday, February 25, 2009

When one door closes, another one opens

A couple of weeks ago I decided to relocate myself back to Northern Virginia. I was finding it really difficult to find anything in State College and I was slowly realizing that I didn't even enjoy living there. Central Pennsylvania is especially depressing in the middle of winter when it is grey almost every day of the week. It is no secret that what kept me staying there for as long as I did, was my relationship with Rich. However, I decided I needed to start moving forward with my own pursuits as I knew there was nothing career oriented for me in State College.

About a week ago I collected the remainder of my things, went to Massanutten for a ski weekend with the Family and a few days later officially landed back in the DC area. Within a few days Rich and I ended things. He needs to do his own thing, as do I. We had a lot of great times together, but that isn't always enough to hold things together.

I was originally a little skeptical about coming back home as I felt that I didn't have a ton of friends here and didn't think I would really have any more luck finding a job. Little did I know that it would be the best decision I ever could have made. Within days of returning home, I was hired at Curves. I am already on day three of working for them and I absolutely love it. It is obviously a temporary part-time job, but it is a great filler job for now and it is the first thing I have been able to get since I have started looking for jobs. Plus, if and when I leave it will be a great thing for my sister to take over if she wants to.

I have also been spending a lot of time with friends and realizing how silly it was all this time that I thought I would have nobody to spend time with. In addition to that, I have been attending a lot of hockey games with my Mom and spending a lot of time with my sister and nephews. I have a new appreciation for family and it has only been a week!

I tend to be a bit negative sometimes, and it is situations like this that really kick me in the butt and remind me how lucky I am. I am so thankful that despite all my struggles with finding a job, I still have a roof over my head and friends and family by my side.

Who knows what doors will open next!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

If you can't find your cell phone, look in the wash

Well, as most of you may have heard, I managed to put my cell phone through the washing machine. I had apparently left inside the pocket of some sweat pants that I had on earlier that day. I was in a hurry when I put the load of laundry in, so I guess I didn't realize at the time that I was washing my phone also.

Rich and I left to go for a movie and when we came back I couldn't find my cell phone anywhere. I looked for it and looked for it while Rich continually dialed my number. No luck. Towards the end of the evening I remembered I had laundry in the wash and went to put it in the dryer. The minute I turned on the dryer and heard a big clunk, I said, "I think I found my cell phone."

Normally I would have been a lot more upset about the event, but I have been quite fed up with my phone lately. Every time I would talk on it the battery would die within 2o minutes, so if I wanted to have a conversation with someone I would have to be next to an outlet so I could have my phone plugged in. The phone also took a slinky like tumble down the stairs last week. However, this phone refused to die completely. I guess it was on it's last life, because it finally died in the spin cycle.

Thankfully, I was due for a new phone this Saturday. I don't really like any of the new phones they have, but now I'm forced to choose one. I'm only a few hours into day one of no cell phone and it's amazing how much reliance we have on them these days.

If it's cold, migrate south

About a month ago, Rich and I traveled to beautiful Naples, Florida to visit some friends who had recently moved there. It was a great excuse to get away from the cold weather of central Pennsylvania, so we took full advantage and spent an entire week in the south.

The first day of the trip was one of the nicest days, so we spent it at the beach. We spent the day playing Frisbee and football and also just laying around to relax. Rich made it his project for the day to collect cool shells and decorate my arm with them. I, unknowingly, made it my project for the day to get as red as I possibly could. Thinking for some reason that the sun is far weaker in the winter, I made a conscious choice to only put sunscreen on my face. I soon learned what a horrible mistake I had made when my whole body turned red later that day. It is almost a month later and I'm just now finishing peeling.

The next couple of days were going to be a little bit on the chilly side, so we planned accordingly. We went for a long walk on the beach one of the days, stayed in to watch the inauguration another day and spent two of the days in the Everglades. Rich and I had both heard a little bit about the Everglades and were interested in checking it out. The first day, we did a 13 mile hike along side a swampy area that was absolutely filled with Alligators. We were literally walking around gators as we made our way down the path. We were all pretty calm about the whole thing until we witnessed one take off after something in the water. Those animals are deceivingly fast and active. At the end of the day we were pretty sure we must have seen at least 70 Alligators of all shapes and sizes.

On the second day in the Everglades, we decided to go Kayaking. We had found a little coffee shop that rented boats and decided to take a couple of them out for the afternoon. As it turned out, the guy who rented us the boats and got us all set up had been an employee of Outward Bound and knew some of the instructors Rich and I had. As we were getting on the water he made an Outward Bound appropriate joke about our life vests being "clipped and zipped".

The last two days were spent at the beach, including one day where we grilled ourselves a nice lunch. Rich had a great time playing Frisbee and getting in the freezing cold water. It was probably a good thing the trip was coming to an end though, because Rich's Frisbee arm was starting to get really sore. The day we left, we went for a walk in Fort Myers and had a nice seafood lunch and a tiny Brewery.

The whole week was filled with a lot of laughter and good times. We had several great home cooked meals on the balcony and we played a lot of cards. Rich and I also became pretty obsessed with the Leblanc's juicer and bought out the fruit stand to try our hand at making different juice combinations. I think our favorite ended up just being plain carrot juice. It was a really great time and we are thankfully to the Leblanc's for their wonderful hospitality.