Monday, October 5, 2009

Road Tripping

Just after the Pug incident, a couple of co-workers of mine and I went on a little road trip. Since moving out to Utah, I was introduced to a band called The Avett Brothers. I instantly liked them and when I realized they were going to be performing in Los Angeles, I immediately decided I was going and asked around to see if other people wanted to go. Since I also hadn't been to Joshua Tree National Park, I decided that we could make a trip out of it and stop there on the way to LA.

Joshua Tree was not as impressive as most of the parks I've been too, but it was still of course amazing in it's own right. We camped in the park that night and made smore's and played a game my sister gave me called "bananograms" The next day we got up, took a few pictures and headed for the city.

Los Angeles isn't my favorite city in the world, but we tried to take advantage of the beautiful day and walked around as much as we could. We visited the Cathedral and happened to barge in on an actual wedding. It was a unique Cathedral and very different from any I had seen before and especially the one in DC. Later that night we headed to the Orpheum Theater for the show. We ended up running into a former client there, which was surprising.

The show was great and we all had a great time. Even though I don't live really close to any big cities, it's nice to know I can find good music just a few hours away.

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