Sunday, August 9, 2009

Jill's Birthday Bash

About a month ago, I flew home to help celebrate Jill's birthday and to visit with the family. The weekend began with a pizza party at Jill and Brett's, followed by ice skating at Fairfax Ice Arena where my Dad use to play hockey a lot. It was really weird to be back there, after not having been in so long. The whole group of us made our rounds around the rink and had fun being "kids" again. We then went back to the house for games and presents.
The next day, we all got hyped up for the Billy Joel/Elton John concert. First, I spent some time at the pool with Jill, Brett and the kids. My mom had bought the family tickets to the concert months ago and we were all very excited to go. We arrived at the Nationals Stadium and got comfortable for a fantastic show. The weather was perfect, but Elton's piano was not! A pedal got stuck, and he basically stormed off the stag
e in disgust claiming that, "we weren't going to do it like this." Bill Joel chimed in with, "That is what you call a Rock and Roll F*** up!" It was pretty funny. T
he show went on and the piano eventually got fixed. It was so fun to spend the evening with my Mom and Sister singing to songs we had grown up to.

Sadly, I had to fly home on Monday after a short visit. I was sad to not have the time to see some of my friends, but I really enjoyed the time I spent with my family. I hope we can have such fun weekends together in the future!

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